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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by jmark100, Dec 4, 2006.

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    Yeah, I actually searched all of the Elite Trader forums hoping to find some info on these guys but found nothing... I think you are the first post. Anyway, I just signed a contract with them. At first I declined their proposition (mostly because it was my first exposure to independent contracting). But they seem friendly, and I just got my account set up. Everything seems legit about them and they certain offer the most competitive pricing structure I've seen yet. Haven't made my deposit yet, but I am planning on doing so soon. If anyone else has any further information on their services I too would appreciate some feedback. Thanks.

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    How amazing!! Really nice that you two found each other:D
  4. No SIPC insurance and since neither of you shills posted their fees they must be a ripoff for the small undercapitalized trader which you're after. No physical address and lack of pertinent details implies it's a shoestring operation with a website looking for dummies with $5K.
  5. Same jokers as before>>>>>>>>>> different name. Dave B was behind these guys 4-5 years ago. They seem to pop up every 6 months with the same crap. You are a fool to buy there pitch and they will have a new name in 6 months.

    The last few where Northwest Traders than Innovative Trading than some crap before that. I am not usually negative on this stuff as it does not pay but these guys are skum bags.
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    Thanks for the feedback guys I will avoid them.
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    WyckoffTrader- You seem to be quite aware of them... would you be willing to elaborate more about any negative feedback you've heard about them/ experienced from them? They are still under D.B. and their deal seemed to be the best around. From my understanding they are a consulting/ marketing group that simply connects traders with private equity groups who provide traders with extra leverage. Was it just one isolated incedent? or is it a scam? It seems like every prop/ sub-contract deal I've come across so far is bad... is there any place out there that will provide me with the leverage I want at reasonable rates? I like my current firm (E*TRADE) but I don't like the commission structure and lack of extra leverage. Thanks guys