Has anyone used "Trade the News" services?

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  1. Would like to hear some reviews on their services. Thanks.
  2. Just do the free trial what do you have to lose?

  3. I've used them for about four months. I'm extremely happy with their service and would recommend them to any equity daytrader out there.
  4. I didnt see where this guy was fading the actual TTN guys more than just generally fading news items which is not a big revelation. The TTN guys from what I have read provide a lot more than just rumours and you are probably doing them a bit of injustice.

    I have no connection to the TTN guys

  5. TTN is extremely valuable....both to fade and to buy. We have it and consider it essential. I just thought the blog was rather funny.

  6. How ironic. I found your post to be rather "funny!" :D

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    I used them for a while and saw very little value added....to each their own I suppose
  8. Fading TTN can provide for very good trades, as can going with them. Sometimes, they'll mention news on a stock which is market moving and if you're quick, you can get in before the stock has made a move. Most the time, the move has been made, and there's either no trade or a good fade though a good amount of the time the news will still have another leg in the initial direction. You still have to know how to trade, but as an intraday high frequency scalper, I can't imagine not using it.
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    How about the S&P500 pit squak box? Do you use the futures or the news services? Which helps more?

    I have used before but quite expensive... Can make the monthly subscription in one trade but the consistency can be tough.
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