Has anyone used InterQuote?

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  1. Wondering if anyone has used InterQuote and how it compares to eSignal. It's quite a bit cheaper. I'm really looking for a cheap, scaled down, reliable emini quote and chart. Don't need anything fancy on the chart either. For some reason, I can no longer get the free feed off of Quote.com


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    I used interquote many months ago - I wanted something faster than datek's streamers. However, they had problems with their servers. I was now using Quotetracker with the Datek feed and found the interquote feed was very wrong indeed - got into a trade i wouldn't have otherwise, and then fired up QT with Datek for comparison. IQ was definitely delayed by a few minutes...... when i contacted IQ they told me they knew there was a problem with quotes delayed a couple of minutes and they were switching servers soon. Meanwhile i was offered a web browser based alternative til then (MyIQ or something or other) but found it quite horrible. Was not impressed and cancelled.

    Main concern was the fact that despite known problems, no info was given to customers unless they suffered thru it and then started asking questions.

    Maybe they're better now................

    btw, it does show the usefulness of having a backup quote service of some kind; just in case of problems and for comparison purposes.

  3. Thanks much! BTW, what has happened to quote.com? Are they out of buisness or is my computer just not picking them up?

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    You ought to try quicken.com Their cheaper than interquote and just happen to be one of the most reliable and accurate data providers around. They came out with a new version not to long ago. I believe they still have a free 2 week trial.

  5. I actually use Quicken and have for over a year. They are excellent except for one thing...no futures quotes, which is what I need.

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    hey guys i went to quicken site but cant find anything about any type of streaming data, anyone know where to look? thnx
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    I'm also looking to try out http://www.money.net (appear very cheap) and prophet http://www.prophetfinance.com - anyone any expeience with these? I'm very impressed by prophet java charts - can get intraday charts back 20 days at least (down to 1 minute if you want!) and very quick. Not perfect though, only one bottom indicator pane available at at time, it seems. Still very good - just register for the charts. Certainly impresses me enough to consider their data feeds...


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    The Java charts by Prophet are (or at least were, a couple of months ago) terrible for real time use. Instable, you get twice the two o'clock line next to each other and that sort of thing. Or the chart not shifting with time progressing, and all that.

    They are nice for backtracking quotes from previous days though. And you don't have to register for that.

    I also had the trial for their ProphetStation, (which is basically a clone from QuoteTracker, except that it can backfill the data of the whole day as well) but at times their datafeed did not work at all. So I can't recommend it.

    Hey, but what I'd like to know, is: Has anyone any experience with Scottrade as a datafeed supplier? (not as a broker)
    I am in the process of bringing together several accounts into one, in order to meet the 25K rule (I just manage :cool: ), and that means plundering my Datek account, so I don't think Datek will be willing to still fill my Quotetracker while I have a zero $ account with them.

    Scottrade is currently offering FREE real-time quotes, and it seems that QuoteTracker can handle them.

    So Scottrade - is it any good for QuoteTracker?
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