Has Anyone Used IB's TwsDde.xls file?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by catmango, Oct 6, 2003.

  1. I'd like to use IB's Excel "sample" spreadsheet to carry out more complex conditional equity orders. However, I'm not sure if the spreadsheet is well tested, specifically with respect to submitting conditional orders.

    Has anyone ever used the built-in TwsDDe.xls file to submit conditional orders (or normal orders, for that matter)? Does it work fine, or is it buggy at all? Is there anything I should know before I try to use it for order submission?

    Any feedback would be appreciated.
  2. qazmax


    Does this allow you to send multiple eorders at once? I have been looking for a good way to send a basket of trades all at once...


  3. Pete - IB

    Pete - IB Interactive Brokers

    Try using a basket order. This allows you to specify multiple orders in a file and submit them simultaneously. For more info, go to our online user's guide and search for Basket Order in the index.
  4. This was somewhat discussed on another thread. The short answer is: just download the spreadsheet, log on to the demo version of TWS--which should come with something like 50K of buying power--make sure to activate the DDE option in TWS, and knock yourself out firing up orders from the spreadsheet until you know what it can do and cannot do.

    That demo is a very realistic simulation and will probably expose bugs and/or mistakes that you may make.

  5. Great suggestion. Thanks for your help!