has anyone used eminidaytrading.com ?

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  1. fiachra


    has anyone used eminidaytrading.com?If so could u please share your experiences?
    Im looking for a good futures advisory service ,so any advice is welcome.
  2. fiachra,

    The first thing I did was to read their disclaimer statement...I highly recommend you get into the habit of reading disclaimer statiments as the first thing you do at any website.

    This is what I pulled from their disclaimer statement:

    ...EMINIDAYTRADING Inc. gives no assurances regarding the truth, timeliness, reliability, or good faith of any material posted...is provided for informational and educational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice...entry/exit signals given in the epit and may or may not be actually be traded by Eminidaytrading Inc. employees, hence are hypothetical trades...

    Here's my advice about any advisory service since you said any advice is welcome. :cool:

    1) Read their DISCLAIMER STATEMENTS very carefully

    2) After reading the DISCLAIMER statement...any hints that they themselves don't trade their own signals and/or the use of the word hypothetical...

    such services should be ignored.

    Ask your self this...why should you put your hard-earned money on a trade if they themselves may not do the same on their own live-signals?

    3) Make sure it has a free trial and see if they have a message board (forum) where members (subscribers) can interact...pay close attention to the negative comments because only subscribers have access to this forum.

    Few have such and I consider to be such an important element...I would ignore all sites that doesn't have a message board forum for its fee-based clients.

    4) Call them first before sending any payment to see how difficult it is to get a hold of them

    5) Send them an email before sending any payment to see if they respond directly to your questions or send you a auto-generated reply message

    6) Every trader is different from the next trader...what's good for him/her may be bad for you...vice versa.

    Thus, any opinions from those that have tried the service should be taken with a grain of salt.

    7) Trading is psychological. Your success or failure greatly depends upon it. Thus, it's very difficult for a trader to follow blindly someone elses live-alerts.

    Thus, one bad call or one loss...you'll always doubt the following calls.

    8) Spend your money on a mentor that will help you (one-on-one) to develop your trading skills instead of taking the easy route (that often leads to losses)...advisory services that hopes you'll blindly follow their live-trade signals.

    9) The key to any advisory service or mentor is to be educated realtime during the market while trading....not at some weekend seminar...not via hypothetical situations...not via only reading material...

    Instead...find something that will educate you during actual trading in realtime during market hours...explaining what to look for before trade signals actually occur...explaining where the stops and profit-targets will be prior to each and every trade and then a brief discussion of the trade after each trade...that's empowerment.

    Ask yourself this...if you were starving...would you rather be given a fish to eat or taught how to fish?

    Once again...don't forget that word...


  3. dc122


    Haven't traded with them, however, a friend complained about the slow execution times.