has anyone use a trading psychologist?

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  1. how did it work for you?
  2. JSOP


    You mean that woman in that hedge fund firm in that show "Billions"? No, we can't afford one. We can't even afford regular psychologists if we ever need one. LOL
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  3. Hooti


    I paid for one several years ago. He did a thorough explanation of the psychology of trading and the pitfalls most run into. He explained several approaches to dealing with the issues… mindfulness… behavior modification… etc. There were phone calls one on one.

    But in the end, the bottom line is at some point you have to make the changes necessary or not. At that time I was not ready. The explanations the guy gave were beautiful, even elegant. My hard head had some further work to do however.
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  4. No luck, been to trading shrinks and therapists the problem is they were not successful traders so how could they remove my trading demons?
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  5. Yes, learned to meditate before trading, staying focused longer, double check trade exits and counter fear after losing days
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  6. You need a spiritual guru who helps you with a transformation of awakening. When it happens, you won't be "successful" but you won't mind.
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    Best thing that ever happen to my trading but it was a psycho therapist...not a psychologist.

    I used one early in my trading career was by choice and another one later in my trading career (not by choice) after serious hospitalization that almost killed me in the fall of 2016...the latter I continue to use after the 2 year recommended period...

    Now just once per month.

  8. That's the best way indeed. Very inspirational.
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    The greatest coaches weren't really great players when young, and they don't need to be. Check Bill Bellichik's sport record, when young.
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    I came in contact with Van Tharp in 1999. I found somethings I needed to work on, and went to a regular psychologist. The funny thing is that I even did not recognize I had troublesome behavior and I was self-sabotaging. I fought every inch about working on myself. I thought my youth was normal. I had no problems to overcome. Until I talked it over with a psychologist. No friends allowed in the house, no recognition, a parent that is narcissistic and controlled the whole family. You have physical abuse that you can recognize immediately, but mental abuse is not clearly visible, even when you go through it. You can spend a lifetime not knowing why you are who you are and what you do.
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