Has anyone tried wallstreetbrain.com?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by sunnie, Jan 8, 2003.

  1. sunnie


    Ran across this performance result:


    - but still not convinced , even though the 1st month is free....has anyone tried this service? Tried looking back to see if this was discussed earlier and current info or opinions would be appreciated....

    PS Just noticed the "year" ended Oct 23....strange! testimonials are a bit flaky, too....:confused:
  2. they say they've "spent several million dollars and hundreds of hours of development over the past six years" to bring you this state of the art trading model for $79.95/month.

    i love how each year's past performance ends at top right of graph!:eek:
  3. sunnie


    Sounds TOO good to be true, so we know what THAT means...
  4. so each hour of development cost tens of thousands of dollars? What was it, a 500-man team????
  5. TGregg


    One giant, bright red warning flag is their first page that tells you why having plenty of money is good. Does anybody really need to learn this? It's interesting to note that the scammers appear to be targeting people less and less familiar with the markets, as the pool of some-what knowledgeable suckers dries up. For example, here's a piercing question from their FAQ that was at the top of my list :D:

    "Do I need a brokerage account to buy and sell stocks?"

    LOL. And their motto:

    "Build Wealth in the Stock Market. The fast and easy way!"

    ROTFL. And then they have this graphic, showing you how to do it:


  6. that is one of the more amusing sites. they may have had a go at it if it was 1997.


  7. I did some checking. According to their "past performance" numbers, it is only a backtested system. I do not think they can claim that is actual performance. Instead, they just plugged whatever data they had from 1997 on into a computer and came up with a trading method that would render a profitable number.
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    Well, looks like I'll save myself the trouble of signing up...thanks for the input, everyone..... confirmed my initial suspicions...