has anyone tried this vantagepoint software?

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  1. i see them all over the place on the internet. they have their ads on barchart.com, trading charts.com and many other futures and charting websites. they want 1000's for their software and claim to always have "80% accuracy" results.
    any feedback on this?
  2. clacy


    do a search. I'm pretty sure there are a couple of threads regarding VP. Mostly negative reviews.
  3. Forget them. I did an exhaustive search on them for similar reasons to you. Not easy to find reviews, but those who bought almost always regretted it, and were willing to sell theirs for a song
  4. actually there are no reviews that were substantial enough. a proper review would be from people that actually bought and i havent even found one.
    it's interesting how courses and books promise the "80% accuracy deal" it looks great on paper. however what is the money management behind it? even a system that is 99% accurate can lose money. it goes accoring to the profit/loss ratio. where the stops are placed or of they are placed at all. you never see these course sellers offering professional money management tactics with their courses. its only their "forecasts" and their "accuracy".
    as far as VP. they seem to be marketing more than any of the big marketers of the likes of traders international and ken roberts. well havent got any junk mail from ken roberts anymore so i guess they are leading in the advertising department.
    i am still wondering if anyonebought the software and have tried it. or if anyone knows someone that did.
  5. Joab


    I reviewed it 4 years ago and have 3 words for you.

    Waste of Time
  6. how about you being flagged for being rude?
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    I bought it at what I thought was a reasonable price ($1700 - 3 markets, including one year of data from Genesis), but I don't use it any more. If they had a system that worked, I don't think they would sell it to the public. Not worth it.
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    I have put in several reviews on Elitetrader about vantagepoint- I bought it four years ago.
    IMO it is a scam, I would sell it if I could but they don't allow resales.
  9. There were plenty of reviews that are substantial enough. There were no words eloquent enough to overcome the many people that offered to sell their copy for a very low price. THAT is what I was saying. And the people here are saying exactly the same thing as when I did a search. Not worth it. Waste of time. Doesn't add value...
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