Has anyone tried running more than 4 monitors from a Laptop ?

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    I am thinking about running 8 monitors using two ATI FirePro 2460 Video cards on one of Dell Laptops.

    ATI FirePro 2460 has 4 output ports each.

    Is it possible to do so & if yes, what specs of a Laptop should I be looking for ?

    If anyone has tried it or are running them, can you please show your configuration ?

  2. get a tower, y would you do this to yourself
  3. I dream of a nice trading desk of 8+ monitors so i don't have to keep flipping back and forth but I'm saving for that. Right now though I too would like to add another monitor or even two to my HP 15in i-3 lap. No idea it what possible.:confused:
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  5. Haven't heard of any laptops with that kind of video capability.

    With that many monitors, the system is certainly not "mobile"... would be a lot easier to use a desktop computer with a proper mobo where running 8 monitors would be a simple task.
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    I agree that 2460 looks like a great card, but...

    How do you intend to use a PCI card on a laptop? Does this laptop have a docking station with a builtin PCI expansion slot?

    My suggestion these days is to consider a Lenovo T430. And specifically the T430S with the Intel i7 which comes with Thunderbolt (no integrated "advanced graphics" option) . Its not advertised as coming with Thunderbolt but apparently it is included. Thunderbolt will allow you to add a PCI expansion chassis (like MacBook Pros) which you could then attach one or several PCI-based GPUs.

    Thunderbolt is pretty leading edge for the PC world, I'm not sure of the status for the latest drivers. But even if you don't go the Thunderbolt route, check Lenovos site for T430 or W530 which will allow you to run up to four displays using a dock.
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    I use 2 external monitors on my HP laptop(total 3 displays). 1 on the VGA port and 1 on the USB port(with a VGA to USB adapter). I could probably put another monitor or 2 comfortably buying more adapters

    Its not a bad solution. Each adapter is $50 and resolution goes up to 1900x1080(And yes it works just fine), it probably loses in graphic performance but for trading it works just fine(gaming is a different matter)

    I imagine most cards cost way more than $50. I don't know if the adapter works on USB hubs or only directly on the USB(I plug directly)
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