Has Anyone Traded From a Palm Pre / Pixi?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by USAtrader, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. Any comments (not regarding comparison to other phones, but just trading/quoting/charting on either of (or between) these with trading platform or Quotrek?

    What trading platform have you used on this phone (IB Mobiletrader, TOS, etc., etc.)? How has it performed. My biggest annoyance (and I understand why it is that way) with the IB Mobile is the constant need to re-login using the key.

    Any related comments welcome. Thanks.

    Have read through prior related threads.
  2. I'll bump a few times :).
  3. Serious, profitable trading is hard enough without trying to make it "convenient." "Charting" and "trading" on your phone seems it is a fun hobby rather than a profession.

    Get a netbook (larger screen) or light notebook and a wireless internet plan (VZ or Sprint). At least it has SOME semblance of a trading platform.
  4. Perhaps you misunderstood my intention. This is not for use to do "serious [trading]", where a notebook might make sense. This is simply for real-time updates, and ability to adjust positions if needed, on a smart phone, that's all, while out for an hour, around town, the beach, etc., having stepped out of the office.

    Again, if anyone has specific experience on any of the current Palm devices please do share.
  5. I have a palm treo 755p with sprint. vision plan

    I have traded with my thinkorswim account.. u login and u can see all your positions. I do options and have occasionally done actual trades.

    it is pretty quick. . got my filled orders confirmed back to me . .instantly..