Has Anyone TRADED at any of these firms? Comments?

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    Have interviews scheduled with 3 firms to trade energy spreads in Chicago. If anyone has actually TRADED at these firms and has relevant info, good or bad experience, or words of wisdom, please let me know. The firms are:

    -Harrison Trading Group
    -Geneva Trading
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    bump....and add one more to the list. DE Trading out of Chicago.
  3. Know a few guys who were at the Dublin office. They said it was a good shop but definitely not for pikers. They expect results from their trainees and are pretty ruthless when it comes to giving them the boot.

    The head honcho said in an interview "If you can't make 10k (euros?) a month after 3 months, then you probably never will."

    I'll try and find the article.
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    I had a friend that worked at Harrision for a couple years. He seemed to like it and had no complaints which I can remember.
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    friends say geneva isn't bad
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    Coming from a guy who MANAGES trader. What a joke.
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    It's updated regularly. Avatar Trading is now Avatar Securities and is reflected as such. WTS added. Flat Iron added (altho that should have been taken down by now). Among others. Others have been added since we first saw this link 2 yrs ago. It is constantly in flux.
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