Has anyone subscribed to MTOptions before?

Discussion in 'Options' started by zxcv1fu, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. zxcv1fu


    Any feedback?

    I met an option trader in the Forex & Options Expo today. He mentioned about this service. I wonder if anyone else has tried it?

  2. KLenoce


    I never post just enjoy reading and learning from this forum. However, I also attended the options\forex conference in las vegas and enjoyed it very much.

    I felt compelled to post a reply as I also was told about mtoptions at the conference. They seem to come highly recommended not only from traders there but also from brokerage firms they deal with that were there. I registered for there trial and will monitor them.
  3. zxcv1fu


    I did not see MToptions in the expo.

    How did u sign on for the trial? How long is the trial?

  4. KLenoce


  5. zxcv1fu


    Google online. There was a 30 day free promotion.
  6. RobtF


    I tried them for awhile earlier this year or last year I think and lost money. Their calls were good when mkt was trending but they missed a reversal.
  7. zxcv1fu


    Do they post audited account record online?

    I always wondering why they want to have members if they r making big $$$.
  8. KLenoce


    I wander the samething about most of these services. Take cnbc for example, most of there "analysts" have services you can subscribe too (ie; Cramer, Najarian brothers, Adami now, and a few others).

    I did email mtoptions support about there results and look pretty legit as they autotrade. I have an account at tos where they provide this and called tos to inquire. TOS claims that these guys are good. Thus far i'm 2 for 1 with them in there trades. so we will see.
  9. zxcv1fu


    I am supprised TOS would say anything.

    Watch out ur money management! The guy that told me about them said some months the service loss $$ which is reasonable. u need a money management system to sustain the loss.

    Keep us informed. thx!
  10. vsusi


    Anone who subscribed with them have an opinion now? I am new and thinking to signup with someone.
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