Has anyone seen this stock?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Hoofhearted, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. It's missing from my portfolio.

    It's price range is between $10 and $100 per share.

    It's heavily traded- at least a million trades /day average.

    It has a big dividend that has been continually increased for a decade or more.

    It's currently down between 10 and 50% from its 1 yr high.

    It has regular volatility of about 5-10% up and down, but doesn't have a lengthy history of dropping more than 15% before a major rebound. Also when it drops, it drops quickly in a day or few, and doesn't slowly trickle down over a month or two before rebounding.


    It has recently shown an up trend over the past several weeks.

  2. At least 2.5 %
  3. sumfuka


    So, what's in your portfolio that is not missing?
  4. Intel INTC, Silver ishares SLV, AIG, CIEN, Netflix NFLX, Skechers SKX, and Vodifone VOD.

    On Friday I tossed out Coca-Cola KO, Directv DTV, 3D Printing DDD,
    and Southern Copper SCCO.

    On Tuesday I'm picking up Sony SNE, Coinstar CSTR, Verifone PAY, and I don't know, maybe a little moonlighting with Coach COH. Plus I may go back to DTV, KO, SCCO, and DDD- depending on how they behave on monday.

    I feel like I'm letting you look through my undies drawer.

    Any suggestions o wise one?
  5. sumfuka


    Flip a quarter on skx. Heads you go long. Tails; short. Just go all in, what the worse that can happen? Life's a gamble right :D

    Good Luck!