Has anyone read this book : Entries and Exits by Alexander Elder

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  2. It's Alexander Elder. He is a man.

    Anyhow, I'm wondering if someone can comment on Elder's techniques and how/if they worked for you.

    Seems to me that his basic argument is that channel trading is the only constant in the market. I disagree with this and am wondering if I'm misinterpreting his message from, Trade for a Living, which I read a few years back.
  3. This particular book seems to be a compilation of different traders, their markets and their methodologies.

    It's probably an interesting read (especially if you take public transportation and have time on your hands), however, Adrienne Toghraie did it first and did it better.

    You could probably gleen more than this book has to offer by reading an interacting with a few of the better threads here.

    As far as commenting on Dr Elder's trading methodologies ... the guy makes his money writing books on trading and giving seminars - HELLO!


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    to steve,
    your jokes are getting stale. may i refer you to this website.

    to jimmy,
    Thanks for your suggestion of other book. I will take a look at it.

    to everyone else,
    Please accept my apologies for the wrong spelling. "Alexandra Elder" should read "Alexander Elder" in the thread title.
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    I spent about an hour reading through it at the bookstore and found it to be pretty worthless. There were 16(?) traders profiled and the systems they used were nothing remotely interesting to me. Mostly indicator traders.

    ALSO note that the traders profiled are not famous traders in any way. "This is Luigi from Italy. I met him when he came to my trading seminar 3 years ago. He is a great trader! Check out his MA crossover system. He has been trading for four and a half years." I am not exaggerating, that is the kind of trader he is profiling here for the most part. I think there were 4-5 traders that had 5+ years experience.
  6. John:

    One of the things that mildly irritates me (and others here) is when people post without checking their data.

    Rather than bust your chops I offered a joke to see how long it would take you to figure it out. It took you a long time.

    Instead of just correcting the error (the apology isnt necessary), you decide to tell me MY jokes are stale. Thats the best example of "wussy" I have seen in a while.