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  1. Has anyone noticed how a lot of Americans are behaving like unruly schoolchildren with a substiture teacher? One they simply refuse to take seriously? Of course, I refer to the general disregard for the American Presidency. Cases in point include the"birthers." Then there is the Tea Party, which didn't exist during Bush's spending frenzy while cutting taxes for the rich. Where was the outcry on behalf of future generations then? And then there are the growingly flagrant "open carry" heroes. The list goes on.

    I find it stunning that these so-called "Americans" essentially disregard Obama's presidency despite the fact that he was voted in decisively, and was not effectively appointed by the Supreme Court. Stunning. I do not recall any other president being so openly and generally tweaked, regardless of political party. I wonder why that is.

    In other news, racism seems to be alive and well.
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    I have however noticed your obvious and repugnant man love for Hussein O<s>s</s>bama and, you being a Canadian, your unabashed pathological obsession with US politics.


    (Is "growingly" a word?, it not on my spell checker)
  3. Perhaps, but this is no different than all the Bush haters during the last President's term. All those "he's not OUR President" comments and the articles on how 50M people can be so dumb as to vote him in twice, etc.

    No different than now.

    As for the racism comment, just because one doesn't like the President, doesn't make one racist. Please stop playing that card.

    There may be some specific examples of people latching on to the fact that the President is African-American in order to stress THAT particular aspect of him as the focal point for their dislike, but that's just ignorance. Very few people are actually and truly racist and hate the President because of the fact that he is a minority.

    As long as Liberals such as yourself continue to chalk all dislike up to the fact that people must be racist, then you'll never be able to have a dialogue on the issues that people really are displeased over. And by "you" I mean a general "you" who play the race card at every possible opportunity.
  4. "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." - Mohandas Gandhi
  5. Somehow I don't think he was speaking of politics.
  6. Somehow I don't think Sun Tzu was talking about trading.
  7. I disagree. The difference between Obama and every other president is that his very legitimacy is questioned despite a decisive election victory. And while the open racists speak for themselves, their similarly minded covert brethren have gone the dog-whistle route. The facts remain the same. The challenge of legitimacy remains the same. Only the words have changed.
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    It's my only language, but growingly has been duly added to my spell checker.

    Disagree all you want, YOU ARE A CANADIAN.

  9. I'm just an observer on the outside looking in, telling you what I see. Nice hood, Lucrum. Wear it often?
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