Has anyone noticed the fighting in Lebanon?

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  1. Major escalation with al quedea taking the credit.. Syria and Isreal ready to go toe to toe again. Summer is here...
  2. Yes, it is a concern.
  3. clacy


    Oh good! I'm looking forward to $6/gallon gasoline.
  4. grazia_s


    I can't wait...it was getting a little too quiet in the middle east anyway
  5. Fighting in Lebanon?: hardly news

    Longlasting peace in lebanon?: would be unbelievable breaking news.


    It's all staged.
  7. not a big deal. Kinda like the durfur thing . A lot of media attention not much affect on the average American.
  8. typical response from naive young 'un...


  9. that would be.....a black swan.......200 sigma event.
  10. Lebanon wants their stability and country back.

    I don't blame them.

    Lebanese troops are exchanging fire with militants belonging to Fatah al-Islam, a radical group suspected of links to al-Qaeda, who are holed up in the camp.
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