Has anyone invested in a Collective2 trading system?

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  1. I just discovered Collective2.com through this website. I was curious if anyone has ever selected one of the profitable systems and automated it in their brokerage account? If so, what was your experience?
  2. Picking a "profitable" system from Collective2 or one of the other timing sites, and expecting to autotrade your way to profits, is about as foolhardy an approach as there is.

    99% of the systems on C2 and on the web in general, do not work. What will you do when a few weeks after you autotrade. and the system blows up? Ask for a refund? Not to mention the possible disruption or hiccup you never anticipated along the line. It is almost guaranteed in this environment.

    A real trader needs to have an edge, good money management, great execution, and be in charge. Almost every system you see on timing sites, will lack most of these, in spite of the pretty equity curve. Vendors are notorious for gaming the statistics, it is not hard to do. many on C2 also complain that the system "stops working" when they start. This is not like buying bubble gum balls - put in your quarter and get your treat.

    You cannot just put it on autopilot, you have to be in charge of your trading at all times, even if using another person's system.

    But if you hate your money, then go ahead.
  3. Alternatively, you could just invest in an index fund and lose 50% in a year.

    Is there anyone who actually uses Collective2 or another automated system?? Which ones? What were the results?

  4. I do not believe this website.
  5. My father is currently invested in Overnight in the S&P and Going for a Million, both run by Craig Bender who seems to be a very good trader.
  6. If you auotrade a C2 system I would suggest having your own daily loss limit and stop. A lot of system that look good at first end up blowing up. Also most are not systems but discretionary traders.
  7. You might want to be careful, Craig Bender's last several systems have blown up. Most of them focus on Futures trading which is more dangerous.

  8. I thought you were one of the big fans of C2 based on your constant harping of vendors to get credible by using it.

    Change of heart?
  9. I had a great performing FX fund on c2 last year "indefatigable" had about 30 subs but I got caught up with my real trading, lost interest and let C2 blow up. Sorry about your luck. I use it just to test methods and keep a track record. Its only 70 bucks to use.
  10. I strongly agree with what rolextrader has said.

    TraderZones (a.k.a. rcanfiel and Port1385),

    Aren't you the person at EliteTrader.com that always tells any one your arguing with that if they think they have a profitable trading approach to prove it via using C2 and the likes. :confused:

    If so (I know I'm right), why continue promoting C2 if in reality (based upon what you just said) you believe what you just said via the following...

    ...A real trader needs to have an edge, good money management, great execution, and be in charge...

    Simply, next time you challenge someone to prove the merits of whatever they think is a profitable trading approach...

    Don't demand via your usual LARGE CAPS in BOLD LETTERS they use C2 and the likes.

    Instead, ask them to explain to you their money management approach, great execution plan et cetera.

    What's even more confusing about you is that your also on record in several past TA (technical analysis) debates in stating that your not interested in hearing that the key to a profitable trader's trading plan was money management et cetera.

    In fact, you refer to such as magic or voodoo along with implying that if a trader couldn't prove their TA had merits...

    Everything else they use (e.g. money management) you weren't interested in knowing anything about such.


    Please clarify your stance after challenging so many ET members (vendors, none vendors, traders that posted brokerage statements, p/l statements et cetera) and now you suggest even if they did what you suggested...

    The real proof is in their money management, trade execution et cetera.

    P.S. I have notice in the past few months that you have been using the money management words when in prior you practically laughed at profitable traders saying it was one of the keys to their success while they used TA.

    I don't expect a response because you made it clear the last time I discussed your contradictions and multiple aliases that I was on ignore.

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