Has anyone here ever been arrested or evicted?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Reaver, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. Just trying to stir up some discussion.

    Move to chit chat if necessary.
  2. What happened?
    You were arrested recently and aren't happy with your "musghots"?

    Hope it wasn't for beating up the landlord for evicting you.

  3. You ain't no gangsta boy, I been in the slammer for the past fur yurs fur money's laundering milions.
  4. LOL, nah man, don't, I repeat DO NOT look in my direction :D
  5. No not me. Never been arrested as an adult. Not even a traffic ticket.

    Just hopping to start a conversation. Hopefully allenhobbs will join us.
  6. yes bears vs saints i wanna say (1996) playoffs
    threw a snowball at a saints fan with a umbrella
    spent the night in the clink on state st.
    there was a baloni sandwich in the water fountain
    that was the worst part
  7. ElCubano


    while i have only been arrested for fighting...my bro has been in prison for 16 years serving a 25 yr term...he was recently moved out of florida state prison where ol sparky is...last time i visited i saw some death row inmates... the head of the John does ( ruthless mo-fo) and some cop who raped and killed a 16 yr old girl like 15 years ago...it is definitely not a place any of us would like to end up...
  8. jnbadger


    Years and years ago, when I was young and irresponsible, a Sherrif came to my door, and handed me a very official looking form.

    I called my manager and asked "So that's it then?" She said, "No, if you are able to pay in full, I am still able to cancel the eviction." I think this is up to the management company, and just depends on how tired of you they are (and if they have someone to fill the apt)

    I left, borrowed money from my dad, got a cashiers check from the bank, went back to the office and paid, and she called the Sherrif when I was still in the room to cancel the eviction.

    Even though I was never evicted, the filing was seen by someone doing a background check years later, so beware.

    Never been arrested. Almost being evicted was enough for me.

    Are you worried about a background check for the 7 or something?
  9. Does getting pinched in the PI count?
  10. No just trying to help allenhobbs out. Create a sort of support group, if you will. He recently voiced concern about being evicted and arrested over some stuff and I just hate to see an ET'er out there twisting in the wind.

    Thanks for the info.
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