Has Anyone Heard of Triton Global??

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by mjm321, Apr 23, 2002.

  1. mjm321


    I have an interview with this company on Thursday and was wondering if anybody had the inside scoop on them. I checked their website, but its under construction, and can't be viewed. I know they used to have one but never really got the opportunity to look at it. I applied through on an on campus recruitment system so I'm guessing they're legit, but was wondering if someone could fill in the blanks.
  2. dknj23


    yeah i heard of them. they seem to be a legit company. they actually pay a small salary so that's always good. they have been interviewing tons of people for only like 5-10 openings. they are very strict in terms of their standards. good luck.
  3. nkhoi


  4. if the interview goes well let me know....I'm looking to pick up a new set of chef's knives....and maybe a few sauce pans! :)
  5. alain


    if you want to do some webresearch on webpages that don't exist anymore you can go to www.archive.org
    when you choose the page of this company "trioton global" you will see that they have their construction page on the server for a while already. then when you go back to 1998/99 you can actually find some information. But I'm not sure if it is the right url: www.tritonglobal.com

    but anyway archive.org always helps to see what companies did in the past and is always great for some net research.

  6. nkhoi