Has anyone heard of Deltastock

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by fxnubie, Aug 7, 2009.

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    Hi, Guys! I am new to forex trading and after some research I found an interesting promotion of Deltastock. This is a Bulgarian broker which seems regulated and with good conditions but as I am a starter I would really like the opinion of some pros. Has anyone traded with them? Any thoughts on their platform? Customer service? Do they tolerate news trading? The promotion is 20% on initial deposit which seems good to me so I was wondering.... Thanks
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    Hi, Guys! Why nobody is answering :confused: Please share your experience:) Thanks
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    no one is responding probably because no one has heard of them. No agenda.
  4. Don't know, but wtf is this about...

    "Please be advised that from 23:00 EET (GMT 2) on Friday to 24:00 EET on Sunday and during National Holidays, as well as when the markets of the financial instruments are closed, the system will automatically cancel all placed orders."
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    Anyway I decided to give a try to their platform with opening demo account. I even entered in their monthly demo contest but couldn't get a prize (far away from the first ten :)). Anyway I am still trading demo and making a nice profit. I will probably open an account after my demo period. Seems a good and regulated broker. :)
  6. Great job. Hope you make a shilling....I mean killing.