has anyone heard of "coesfx", "efxgroup", and "propfx"

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  1. Hello everyone:

    Has anyone ever heard of the following Forex brokers? CoesFX, Efx Group, and PropFX?. Would like any opinion on them.

  2. igor123


    PropFX (currenex platform) is good but you have to be ready for partial fills spread 1-4, mostly 2, during NFP spread can get to10 pips. Minimum 25k.

    CoesFX-is crap. That is what everyone that had an account with them are saying, platform is unstable, slippage is huge, commission is crazy. I myself only tried demo.

    Efx Group -do not know.

    There are also HOTSPOT FX, and IB forex. Both are ECN's and have good reputation.
  3. MB trading is another ECN FX broker.
  4. Thank you all!

  5. Thank you all!

  6. What about Oanda and IFX?

  7. HI all,

    If you have a clearing arrangement with a broker and you use directly currenex you'll get, during most times 1 pips on majors, reason you're seeing larger than that is that propfx shows you their prices via currenex not the whole market. hence the wider spreads, myself i use currenex and get fills from different banks besides my own broker.

    furthermore PROPfx is a division of FXCM which should give you a clue
  8. Igor,

    Could you please confirm the 10 pip during NFP news release at Propfx! It seems to be too low! At Oanda it is around 15 pips.