Has anyone hear of Hindsight trading

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  1. A big red flag when someone registers for this site then the first thing they do is "ask" about a product.

    Registered: Feb 2007..... HMMM I wonder
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    ok what is the ER2 and what do you mean $100 back aint no big thang. you must can't trade with large sums such as $100,000
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    what do you mean, If you hadn't noticed this is a "forum" GUMBA. In a forum people talk about things. LOL what a dummy. I asked about a product because thats what i am lookng for info on. Im not here to just chat a way about my day, i'm not fuc**** anyone on this forum. but I guess you want to talk about your day. so I will entertain you. How was your day honey?

    LoL what a clown
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  4. See proflogic's website. He knows much about Hindsight trading.

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  5. The final lesson of the weekend...

    ER2 is a futures contract. The e-mini Russell 2000 to be precise. You can look up info at www.cme.com

    The ER2 has a tick increment of .10 which has a monetary value of $10. To profit $100 on an ER2 trade, you need 1 full basis point. You can do your own research regarding the volatility and what a normal intraday range is for the instrument.

    Now, where's that info about how long (time-wise) trades remain open and drawdown?

    Anyone can trade successfully in Hindsight. :D
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  6. seriously, cool site. however, very very unfortunate name.

    that must be the most moronic name ever for a trading firm.

    might as well call themselves: "curve fitted trading" or "paper trading, llc"

    LOL !
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    who is prolific and what is the website
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    trades stay open about 2-3 hours and draw down i don't know
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  9. OK, so we don't think they're a valid vendor without more information about them.

    So just send'em an email, get the details of their course, come back and tell us what they are.

    It is obvious that no one here has any experience with them, and as cool as their website is, I don't think we really want to.

    But good trading to you,

    Jimmy Jam
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    what programs work
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