Has anyone hear of Hindsight trading

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by mureese, Feb 3, 2007.

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    I was wondering has anyone used hindsight trading system from hindsighttrading.com
  2. I don't know if you are shilling or not? That is the lamest peice of junk demo I have ever seen. Honestly, wow buy here sell here make a profit. Is this the new Wize Trade? Anybody can create a video saying they would buy here and sell there showing a profit.

    Furthermore, there student records another big joke. They show a few trades making profits from only 2 students and that is a good sample size. I don't think so.
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    yeah but have you tried it your self
  4. i think you called it

    this clown's a shill

    'dont you wish every bird, were rubberbird?'
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    what the hell is shill.

    only haters would down something they never tried before just going off he say she say just like some females. and you rubberstick you are as new as me so why don't you shut the hell up.

    Well scince you haters know best what is a good program then.
  6. look in the mirror
  7. I agree with dandqx.

    And where are they located? Based on the fax number area code, somewhere in UT. No other contact info other than email addys.

    Anybody can trade successfully in Hindsight. :D
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    LOL yeah I see your mother standing behind me!
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    I have the guys phone number jason something. hes boasting returns of 20% a trade
  10. Gee, a phone number that you got via email? And 20% a trade, really? Read the friggin site and you'll see that's based on ER2 (emini russell2000 if you don't know) with a $500 day trade margin. Got news for you... $100 (20% of $500) on an ER2 trade ain't no big thang. Find out how long the trades are open and what the drawdown is/was and then we can talk.
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