has anyone hear anything about ascend trading?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Lilli, May 21, 2002.

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  1. Lilli


    I'm a new trader, is doing PATS for $4.80 RT a good deal? Looking for an E-mini broker......
  2. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    There were recently several replies in this thread that were posted in regards to a web site link on the NFA website about Ascend Trading, LLC.

    The NFA information that was posted was about a completely different firm, and had nothing to do with AscendTrading.com, which is the firm being asked about above. So to eliminate any confusion, the post with the NFA link and any related replies to it were removed.

    As a general reminder to all members: If you include a third-party link about a firm in your posts, please make 100% sure that the information is referencing the correct firm before you post it, especially if the information is negative.
  3. liltrdr


    I like the customer service. It's prompt and attentive. Rates are good. Not IB rates but IB customer service is less than friendly. I'll tell you more as I trade w/ them over the summer. Also, I'm using Apex futures as a back up, just in case. I read a lot of the traders on elite like to use two brokers and it makes sense.
  4. Liltrdr....Care to share the rate you are paying?
  5. I don´t like their FCM (Clifden Futures LLC). Have a close look at their financial data. :(
  6. liltrdr


    Their rates are...5.80 a round turn. I will look into Clifden's financials.
  7. JayS


    Clifden Futures LLC
  8. I don´t like their Cross Trade Consent. Have a close look before you sign it (account forms, page 10). :(
  9. liltrdr


    Could this be because they're a startup and don't have that many customers?
  10. lizab


    hi.. i am a broker with clifden futures repping our ascendtrading electronic product.. i first of all want to thank baron for straightening out the confusion in our name.. we are definitely NOT a cta that closed up shop 4 years ago.. (think of our panic when we realized that a simple name choice could sink our business before we had a chance to start!!!) and to let you all know that clifden futures is a ncfcm.. our capital is way above the 6% of customer monies held required to be posted by the NFA.. we are a start up and therefore most of the monies you see in the report are ours.. we will, hopefully,be in the 9 figure range soon with great efforts by our super sales department (me!!)..

    all the questions regarding capital and reputation are good ones..it makes those of us that do a good job in this industry stand out.

    good luck trading
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