Has anyone got IB MobileTrader to work? please reply!

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by newguy05, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. I really dont want to beat a dead horse, but it's been more than 9 months since i started using IB and i still could not get mobiletrader to work AT ALL. Everytime i try to log in, it says the session has already expired and kicks me out. I did all the cookie/port change/calling support etc..without any luck. All the other websites works without any problems on my phone including mobile trading platforms from other brokers.

    I am using at&t 3G brandband with tilt smartphone running windows mobile and opera mobile/IE browser.

    If ANYONE has gotten IB MobileTrading to work consistently on their cellphone please reply with your cell phone model #, wireless provider, and browser used. At this point i am willing to cancel the 2 year plan and buy a new phone / service if it would make mobile trader work.
  2. I had some luck using my blackberry, but it was kind of random. I switched blackberrys, and it would time out. I just bought the iphone 3G. I can try the wap and the html version for you tomorrow. I would do it now, but don't have my Secure Access device with me.
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    I use it on my BlackBerry in emergency situations, but like you guys mentioned, it boots me out and is difficult to work with. It would be nice if IB's web trader and mobile trader were more reliable and offered more features. TOS has a great mobile trader, BTW.
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    log in a second time right away after it logs you out the first time and it should work fine...

  5. I've been able to get on with a BlackBerry 8830 via Verizon. Also been kicked off a few times. I assumed that was because I didn't move fast enough. LOL. I wouldn't use this for anything but an emergency.

  6. I got the Mobile Trader to work on my iphone, but have had problems trying to use the regular HTML version.
  7. I can get it to work on my PDA phone (tmobile wing) but its next to worthless. I think they hired some high school kid in India to develop it from what I can tell. My experience is that you can not trade off of it but rather use it in an emergency to close out when NOTHING else works.

    Best of luck and if you get it to work you may find it more useful than I did but my guess is that if you are able to get it to work you will be disappointed with the effort to make it work.