Has anyone gone to Trader's Expo?

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  1. Is it worth going?

    I would appreciate any comment on this.
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    I think the Trader's Expo is worth your time if trading is something that interests you. There are many resources there for you, and you can meet other traders, too.
    They have everything from brokerages to schools.
    Definately check it out. The website for a list of upcoming dates and locations is http://www.tradersexpo.com/tradersexpo/main.asp in case you're interested.
  3. Depends .... I went once ... primarily for amusement since it was very close to my house and on a weekend. Much more difficult to justify if it falls on a business day.

    This is probably most useful as a device to meet people and see products/services people are pushing (selling). Educational aspects are pretty weak but if you go with an open mind you might pick up an idea or two ....
  4. nowhere else will you see so many liars and con-artists under one roof. that experience alone might be worth the price.
    hey 50 cents that was a nice one
    i have to visit the one in NYC it will be fun all the people trying to show up their system and how good it is. in a business in which 95%people fail in ( day trading :) )
  6. i will check out the dec 13th to 16th trade expo this year -- want to see one of those ET receptions. :D
  7. If you have a system / methodology and you make money...

    the tradeer Expo can be one of 2 things.

    1. The greatest waste of you time.

    2. The greatest fun as you see all the men, mostly... in cheap suits, explaining the next great thing... If is fun because in the back of your mind it makes you feel good that you make money without it all.

    I went to the one in Vegas last year... and may go again but do it for fun... not to search out a solution.
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    Its good for a tax deductible trip to las vegas, and not much else.
  9. there are hardly any real traders among those that present there, so, that statistic is actually not really relevant.
  10. Well .. I was trying to be a bit more diplomatic in my original response but .. well ... these last few posts are perhaps more focused on the facts ....
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