Has anyone found a profitable auto system ?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Humpy, Dec 9, 2017.

  1. Humpy


    The future of trading is obviously having an automatic trading system which operates by itself 24/5 and is profitable.
    There must be some systems out there but they may be prohibitly expensive. There is one on U Tube the owner wants 15 bitcoin for a copy ! It looks good with a small draw down and mega profits. But way too expensive.
  2. southall


    If that system on U Tube is so good, the seller should be trading it with leverage and compounding profits at 500% a year. Wont be long before he is a multi millionaire. In reality he is just a con artist looking for suckers to give him free money.
  3. sle


    And, by all expectations, it will be over-fit.
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  4. henry76


    I suggest you wait a year , 15 bitcoins ... no still a lot for snake oil.
  5. fan27


    Are you looking for an intraday or end of day system? What trading platform do you have to execute the system? How much money do you expect to make with a system?
  6. DeltaRisk


    It’s available if you investigate.

    Not auto, but it is there.
    It took me a decade, and I don’t sell a single thing. Just look.
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  7. RedDuke


    No one is their right mind will sell profitable system. Ask yourself, If you had one, would you?

    The only exception that I am aware of is SOES bandits. People were taught real thing, but it was special time and circumstances.

    Btw, We just finished developing a very powerful system with some fantastic yearly
    Profits and amazing equity curve. Will be turning it live soon to test in real world. I obviously will not be selling it but would not mind to share lessons lessons learned. Ping me in about a year.
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  8. vanzandt


    Here's one.
  9. Handle123


    To develope system and backrest is tough enough, then automate it yo up to a year for many then another 3-6 months of paper trading it and if it works half as good as you expect, you insane to sell your ATM
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  10. Humpy


    I use MT4
    100% per month plus
    Any offers ?
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