Has anyone ever used WallstJesus?

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  1. Has anyone ever used WallstJesus, if so any comments/reviews?
  2. Not I, but with a name like that, how can you have any doubts?
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  3. zdreg


    "jesus saves, moses invests."
    needless to say there has been a big difference in performance.
  4. I follow him on Twitter....actually, funny enough he was calling bull sweepers on TWTR a little more than a week ago. Just follows big money options moves.

    He's parsing options chains and time & sales. He's got one heck of a scanner or is quicker on the chains than I.

    As for spending money with them, I take the same view as any other stock calls for pay service...if you have the time and interest, you're better off to lose a bit in the market to figure out what they're looking for and how they're trading it than dogmatic following. If you don't have the time and interest, just buy the SPY.
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    Nothing is sacred anymore... :)

    But while Jesus did not charge for the miracles...the steamroom program $550 per month ....

    Not bad
  6. Handle123


    Holly Moses !!!
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  7. If you See the Light...with that trading academy, let me know ...I want to know who are my valid competitors. o_O
    It's Gang Wars out there for territory for people to teach trading.
  8. He just called the bull on CY. Big buy on the Jun $17 calls on the ask.
  9. Check the fine print: holy grail not included.
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