has anyone ever used a neti pot?

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  1. Pekelo


    No, it is an urban legend. People who buy neti pots are using it for watering flowers.

    But seriously, people with sinus congestions do. I usually just splash water into my nose when I wash my face then blow my nose, works just as fine....

    Although the salt is for helping with the bacterias and such....It can also be used for vocal problems:


    "The neti pot used with a saline solution has been shown to be an effective treatment for hay fever[4], sinusitis, and other nasal conditions. Both isotonic and hypertonic saline is used for Neti. "
  2. My Dad who read about them bought one for me to try. It seemed like I was able to clear out my sinuses, but it isn't the most comfortable thing to do.
  3. spd


    I use one from time to time. It'll clear ya out for sure. I only use it if I have a bad sinus infection or something, not if Im just a little stuffy.
  4. Just have someone aspirate you with saline. Much more effective.
  5. olias


    I don't use the Neti pot, but the cheaper plastic bottle version. I think the bottle is probably easier to use. You just press the opening up to one nostril and squeeze and before you know it you got saline water going up into your sinuses and out your other nostril. If you're congested, coughing, sore throat....this thing kicks ass. I highly recommend it. You'll be breathing clear right away, for a while anyway. I use it on a regular basis. It's really not uncomfortable at all. Blowing my nose afterwards I usually get my ear canals to open up a but too.

    Using plain water or salt water is not as safe as saline solution and could cause problems (from what I have read).

    I think the bottle w/ 50 packets was about $14 at the drug store. I started using one when my doctor prescribed it for a cold I had. I've told lots of friends to get one. It is money well spent.
  6. GTG


    Yeah they work great. If I have a stuffy nose, it usually provides relief for several hours after using it. The saline is to make the solution isotonic with your own cells so it won't sting. If the water has aprox. the same osmotic pressure (salt concentration) and ph of your body, then it isn't uncomfortable to use at all. The netti pot I bought at the drugstore came with pre-measured saline packets...but the actual pot has no clear line indicating how far up to fill the water to get the concentration exactly right, so better than half of the time its very uncomfortable to use, but still well worth a couple of minutes of discomfort.