Has anyone ever heard of this firm?

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  1. SHILL Securities, Inc?

    Im thinking of joining them....I don't consider myself a very large trader, i only do about 500,000- 1,000,000 shares per day...I've never had a losing trade in my life and i trade with about 50 million in buying power....Last year I grossed about 10 million in profits but i don't like the way they are treating me ..I wish I had some other option but nobody seems to want me. .what s the best deal out there? Does anyone know anything about Shill Securities? I heard they have the best system, the lowest prices and the best managers....Im thinking of trying them but Im waiting to get your feed back first.

    If you want you can PM me and I'll tell you all about them.
  2. So am I. Let's meet for drinks and discuss the 'Shillsters'
  3. You in town?.....Im poor, i always need somebody to buy my drinks!!
  4. I can recommend Shithole LLC, this is a very solid company they have been on the street since 2003. With your volume you can easily get 3 - 5 cents per share and 4 cents per share per bullet. There is a catch though you have to deposit 50K not directly with our company but rather with our subsidiary Littleshithole International LLC. This is for your own advantage, wee just wont to avoid some annoying taxation and regulation problems.
    I forgot, you have to sign non compete agreement and our proprietary waiver. Feel free to PM any time.
  5. rs7


    hey TM

    I have been with Shill for a few months.

    Not a bad outfit at all. I consider it a good move so far.

    Only drawback is that the monthly desk fees are a bit on the high side.

    But if you do manage to trade 100 million shares a month, you get a rebate of 75% of those fees every other year.

    The fees, a somewhat (IMO) hefty 85k a month do tend to keep you focused. So between that and the rather low payout, you do indeed find yourself sticking to your disciplines and so far, not bad for me.

    I am only down (net) about $6 mil. YTD, but all I really need is a couple of good days. The firm his treating me well, 'cause I am gross positive. Wish I got paid a bit on that, but you can't have it all.

    I am optimistic. Give 'em a shot.

    Oh, the monthly desk fees you have to pay up front, so I would suggest responding to all those zero % credit card offers you get in the mail. Good to float the debt at 0%. You seen the price of gasoline lately?

  6. It's good to see that RS7 hasn't lost his sense of humor!

  7. thanks for all your responses but im still unsure...Ild love to trade in a littleshithole LLC, but Im thinking bigger...I think Shill Securities sound like they are really interested in developing me as a person.......I jsut wish i knew the best place...is ther any firms out there that would want a guy who does one million shares a day and has never lost money???!!....Or am I going to forced to walk alone through the ET pergatory:confused:
  8. mixer


    I like when they quote prices too! I just show it to the BD I trade with and they match the price!

    So please show shills commissions schedule.


    I'm all mixed up!
  9. At SHill Securities my deal is this.

    .0025 per share for all transaction, Including ECN's All in ,

    No monthly software fee, no desk fees and they have no minimums and a 1.00 per trade maximum....Is this a good deal?

    ...but wait there's more, they said if i act now, they will also give me the amazing 'DENT FIXER" as shown on T.V.....no more unsightly dents and dings on my car!...just a few turns of the 'dent fixer" and its gone!!!...This is normally a 199.99 value but Shill Securities is giving it to me for free if i sign up with them....Even if i don't sign, I get a Bagel cutter....what do you guys think?
  10. I'm not sure about those fees, but that Dent Fixer is AMAZING!!! I think that the place is run by the stain specialist that used to sell OxyClean. Hey, this guy kind of looks like Mr. Market... hmmm:confused:
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