Has anyone ever had their equity in their trading account wrong or other errors?

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  1. If so, how did it happen?
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    I once had Tradestation charge me for a bunch of platform fees that should have been "free" since I definitely had trading the minimum. It pays to check out your daily statement--especially since they have a disclaimer at the bottom that failure to alert them immediately that day means you agree with the statement and current account balance.
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    I got "stuck" with a trade once on my transaction history I had never made.
    It was a profitable trade but of course the profit never found it's way into my account.
    I had already left that firm and it was many months old so I just left it alone.
    It was long time ago, but I seem to remember it was a couple hundred dollars.

    How it happened I couldn't really say. You'd like to think it was a simple mistake.
    My gut told me otherwise.
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    What are we talking about here a $99 problem, that's HUGE!
    You can alert them whenever, next week, next month on a data charge, you don't have to tell them immediately!

    Where do you people come from?
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    jbob is right. the disclaimer is on there
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    So if I notice a $99 charge 3 days after it hits the daily pdf email, I have to pay it, is that what you are saying?

    Gimme a break.
  7. One day about a year ago, I opened my trading platform in the morning and started to trade. After I placed an order, the platform shot back a pop-up: Insufficient funds for the size. But I always traded that size, no way jose!

    so I clicked on the account button, the balance has shrunk by 50%!

    I panicked!

    I called the broker and angrily demanded to know where the hell my money had gone!

    "Hold on please, let me check for you," said the customer service representative slowly and calmly, while I was fuming with froth coming out of my mouth and my heart pounding at 145/per minute.......

    After 3 minutes, the representative's voice came back: "Are you still there, sir?" Of course, I am here, I am not going anyway without knowing where my money has gone!

    "You did an ACH transfer two days ago in the amount of $xxxxx."

    What? no way jose, I didn't do it.

    ok, long story short, I found out through the ACH bank information that my next door neighbor had transferred the money to his bank account. It turned out that he had known the password of my trading account for quite some time, and it happened that he needed the money for a new car.

    How did he know the password?

    It was posted on the monitor!

    Lesson: Don't let your nextdoor neighbor into your trading room!
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    wow. I'd like to hear the rest of that story. What did you do with the guy?

  9. woooww the nerve of that guy...

    did you break his knee caps with a baseball bat i assume?

    that is theft. I assume legal action could be ensued no?

    i cannnot imagine what you went thru...
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    I am sorry but this story is total BULLSHIT amigo, in order to ACH into another name or a new bank account you need to provide several proof of identity and signature. You need more than a brokerage password to move money into someone elses name.

    Nice story, but fiction douchebag.
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