Has anyone encountered this Problem?

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  1. I did some emotional analysis of my trading and found something that logically is wierd.
    It seems that the better the outcome -from my biggest risk limit of 2% to the smallest win of about 1-2% - the more stress I experience. Once I clearly have a winner, I can manage the trade just fine, but getting it off the ground seems to have an inverse stress response. Losses of my largest risk limit are the easiest to handle, break evens are somewhat harder, and small gains are soul-crushing; sometimes enough to get me to deviate from my plan, but not always. Here's a picture to illustrate what I mean.

    I'm curious if anyone else has experienced this phenomenon. I would assume so. It's kind of a plausible explaination of why traders have a tendency to "cut the winners short."

    I'd like to know the root cause of this issue so I can shut it off.
    It's affecting my trading only a little. My main concern is still having hair in 20 years. Lol.
  2. danielc1


    I think it is a combination of unsecurity and the lack of confidence in your plan that you doubt a retrecament with the feelings you have and a another part is guild about being succesfull.

    I would take some time to soul search: something is giving you this feelings about trading. Maybe you do not like the image of succes.

    The lack of confidence can be fixed with all kind of tools, where a simple and extended test of your strategy is one of them.
  3. Redneck



    Stress, or more specifically the chemical imbalance caused by stress – will make a person do weird/ stupid/ illogical shit

    That after the fact – when you look back/ review/ relive your actions – you’ll think, what in the fuck was I thinking

    Never underestimate the influence of stress – and yes, we've all had to come to terms with it


    The most frustrating time will be when you’re going through it (actually experiencing it while trading) – can see it / smell it/ taste it/ acknowledge it – and yet still take the same dumbass actions/ make the same dumbass mistakes

    That’s when you truly find out what you’re made of (you’ll either fix it and move on – or fail)


    I’m not a psychologist / doctor / or any other type of so called expert

    I have simply lived it


    The next logical step would be to ask me how I fixed it – don’t

    We’re all different – each of us needs to find our own, and unique, solution

    Research, as there is much written on the subject – possibly you’ll find your solution – possibly you’ll need to create your solution

    Either way – it needs fixed before you can progress


    Final Note;

    Be wary of anyone saying they can fix you – they can’t – at best they can give you suggestions

    This one ultimately needs to come from within

    It is a journey.... and at times – a real bitch