Has anyone else noticed the internet media trend lately?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by jcinmf, Sep 18, 2011.

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    Ok, I’ll get to the point on this one:

    I learned many years ago to turn off CNBC and just trade. Basically stay away from the talking heads. I know that has been an age old discussion in this forum…but…

    Has any anyone else noticed how the financial media sites, blogs and so on that get good coverage on the internet finance sites are just all over the place these days and in some cases to the extreme? Example: About a month ago (I don’t remember the exact time frame) I opened up Yahoo Finance to see the major headline in bold say something like “Sell Now!! You still have time!” I immediately read this and felt it was so irresponsible to be the major headline of the Yahoo Finance page. Then add all of these Seeking Alpha dingbats with every opinion in every direction on the same name. It all just adds to this volatility and I feel some of it is unethical and pure silliness as the average investor can be swayed based on some of this bad information from someone who has the credibility of the next person you meet on a street corner.

    It just all feels lately to be getting worse:. Too much information going in every direction. And in most cases, it’s some idiot who has an agenda, but does his little “disclaimer” stating he is “not going to initiate any new position in that name for the next 72 hours” at the end of his blog post to keep it all “clean” with Reg FD or whatever.
  2. You need one of these.