Has anyone co-located @ Genesis

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  1. if so... is this easy to do? I'd appreicate it is anyone would tell me anything regarding this process.

  2. From this thread:

    Though let me add in Genesis's defense, that no API's documentation is errorless or without holes. But it is the amount and degree of errors that makes the difference.

  3. Does anyone have experience with Lime Brokerage? They also offer market data and OMS through API & FIX...
  4. I don't trade through an API, I use DMA for my trading. I only know what others who were around me in the office that had blackboxes were telling me of their experiences. I have known some who spent over $5k a month to comstock for datafeed and executed through API's of top banks, and said they still had problems with the banks API. However the technical support teams at the banks were very available and knowledgable. The real advice that I can give you that has been passed to me is that you are probably better off getting your data from a provider other than the company's whose API you are executing from. But you can get the data for a lot cheaper than $5k a month. It just depends on how important the quality and latency of the data is to your strategy. If you want top tier wuality then you will spend $5k or more a month. But there are other providers with very good quality data for a lot less, but it will cost a couple of hundred a month for it. Oh, don't try and sound like a bigshot on them phone with the data providers or they will charge you more. Tell them you are just a small retail trader and NOT a professional and they will try to help you out and cut you a deal that is a fraction of the cost they charge other customers.