Has Anyone Been Watching the Hang Seng Tonight?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Bear Plunger, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. -800pt
  2. Following the DOW.

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  3. I've been trading hang seng and taiwan and the aussie spi today. They started off by following the dow but then made their own little statements about lower ground.

    I think the next couple of days will be interesting. Hopefully it will go up or the average investor is going to really feel the unremitting bleakness of it all. But, my ET direction detector showed way way too many people posting bullishly over the last couple of weeks ... life could get very interesting.
  4. Are you still bearish like I am? I hope not, but do you think it's possible we make a new leg down in the S&P even right now in Q1 & 2?

    I was hoping for some Obama rally - mabe a minor one, but I think i'm wrong on this.

    Kiwi - I wanted to add that I'm still holding a number of longs exposed.
  5. I am what is now called a high frequency trader. All my holds are currently in government guaranteed bank accounts :)
  6. It had a good close only down 500 points or so. European indexes also rising.
  7. Actually DAX looks sick as a pig at the moment.
  8. Am I gonna have to throw in the towel before this market recovers?:p

    This sucks. 6 soon to be 7 days of selling. All of a sudden things start going to hell in a hand basket after a nice rally .

    But, I have a feeling that the fed is going to step in soon. 8000 can't break. I think bernanke, paulson are working on some sort of repurchasing program of toxic assets. The last time the fed took action was during the last rate cut.
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    Let us know when you throw in the towel. This will be my signal to buy :D