Has Anyone Been Able to Make Any Money on Dan Zanger's Picks?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by ByLoSellHi, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. I've been getting his free trial subscription, but everything he recommends seems to be aweful.

    Has this been the case for a while?

  2. good question. this really isn't a zanger market though.....
  3. how come no one has replied to this. it's a v good question. don't et members know who zanger is?
  4. He's my idol, but I scan for my own picks.
  5. If he were any good (as opposed to lucky) he wouldn't need to be selling/pumping any bs subscriptions.
  6. I like the zanster too, but I scan for my own picks.
  7. Neet


    Apparently in this board no one that shares picks for a price is any good :)
  8. Maybe ET members are good traders and have their own methods for targeting opportunities and don't need hand holding.
  9. I disagree, he is one of the few that gets his performance audited... email him and he will send it to you. Zanger's huge value doesn't lie in his stock picks but in that 1 or 2 picks a year where he gets super conviction and loads the boat... Like he did with GOOG last year.

    Everybody looks for someone that can give 10 picks a month, the reality is, guys like Darvas went from $30K to $2 million in 8 plays. Two plays a year and you can make a bundle of dough.
  10. Neet


    I don't doubt it, but why must this make all pick services a scam ?

    In contrast, I consider myself a pretty good daytrader, but I'm always looking for options and methods that will improve my trading. It's an ever learning process.
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