has anyone actually taken the traders international course on the e-minis??

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  1. i am considering purchasing it, but i would like to get some unbiased feedback from someone that has taken it.
    i did take their live demo but its vague and it seems the signals form diffrently when u actually take a trade live as to when he reruns the day and shows previous signals already formed with the double tops and bottopms. i want to know if this really works or not.
    it is important because this will determine if i will be risking 1000's of dollars on it.
  2. Do a search in the top right of this page. Much was written on Franz and TI. I was duped too, if that gives you a hint. :mad:

    Franz, king of the simulator. :mad:
  3. did you actually pay the mo0ney and take the course? what happned?
  4. There is no way I would pay for TI after all of the negative reviews that came out about them on ET. No way. Do as you wish though.

    Franz led everyone to believe he was some big swinging dick trader, when he was trading on a simulator. No, thanks I will keep my 5k and 400 per month.
  5. Save yourself the $5k, i think i saw someone selling the manual on ebay
  6. Yeah I think it is right edge trading or something like that? Somewhere on the net.

    As I have heard Franz was having ppl risk 2 times the reward. Not a good idea IMO.
  7. actually afshin in his live demo risks only 1 times the reward. his objective seems to risk 2 points for 2 points or 1 for one. the question is if the systems works. the problem i have is that their "double bottoms" form ok, but the signals are tricky. its difficult to actually time your entry because on 1 minute charts the signals fluctuate rather than form and when one looks like its a "higher high" or a "lower low" it can change in a second and really its not or the signal looks broken nd moves another way and you got in at the wrong time.
    the other problem i have is with their limit order objectives. many times when you set a limit order even in the liquid emini it doesnt get filled unless it goes thru that price. it cant just hit it. it either has to go thru it or rest there for a while or else u wont be filled and he is claming to his students "ok it hit our price" but that doesnt mean your filled.
    would like to hear all your professional opinions on this.
  8. Right Angle Trading. They change their indicators/targets/stops
    about once every other month. They take every divergence. A lot
    cheaper than TIMES. Don't take this as a recommendation though.

    Franz has his own website now. So does Roger Felton. Dave got
    busted and is probably washing dishes somewhere.

    I have a tape where Franz was losing millions of dollars one day.
    Didn't seem worried at all. He made a good comeback but only
    because he could use as much capital as he wanted to since he
    was on a simulator. Big time salesman he was. Right now, his site
    is down. He is probably being sued by Afshin or Roger or Dave or
    who knows who.

    I know someone who took their free trial over 5 times before forking
    over his money. He made a mistake. He now works as a truck driver.

    Remember, during the free trial, TI will only show the signals that
    worked. They are pretty good at avoiding the ones that didn't work.

    Btw, I have not taken the course. I know a truck driver that did.
    I just felt the need to put in my 2 cents. Take it for what it is worth.
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    thanks for your 2 cents version777. even though i was not the person who asked i did once look heavily into their services.

    your answer confirms my suspicions.

  10. Trigger Trader is a shill read what he is saying stay away from this course I checked it out and they are frauds the lot od them. A great example is when I was watching the video testimonial and the two Instructors pop up on there acting like innocent punters these people are dishonest

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