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  1. I bought Technical Analysis: The Complete Resource for Financial Market Technicians. It's like a textbook and I'm only through chapter 2. I want to read a chapter a day and do all the questions. It seems like a good book and my only complaint so far is that I wish it had an answer key for the questions. What do people on ET think of this book? Are there better books? Should I supplement it with something else?
  2. technical analysis of stock trends by edwards and magee, is a good primer.
  3. Reviews on Amazon say that this book was written in the 1940's, but are still very positive overall.
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    I'm about as far as you are into this book. I look forward to seeing some opinions as well.
  5. Do you really expect to find a robust system with a positive lifetime expectation in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in a BOOK?
  6. No, but I think it can help lay a foundation of understanding that I can build off of.
  7. All it will do is fill you mind up with useless oversimplified theories of how price evolves. If you want to find a profitable system you have to invent one yourself from intently watching markets in realtime. Not that it will be new, it probably won't, but nobody is going to give away a robust system for the price of a book or a weekend class or a subscription service or anything YOU as a poorboy can afford. The crown jewels are closely guarded. But that can't prevent you from buying some gold and jewels and making your own.
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    I liked 'Diary of a professional commodity trader' by Peter Brandt . The whole approach revealed..No big deal, lifetime edge exposed :)
    In a book..
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    Brother Gilroy, have you noticed how amazingly close this is to what I have been telling you in your other thread?
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    too hard and boring..:)
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