Has anybody here USED internet 2 or Ca*NET

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by mahram, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. Woah I saw a demonstration of Internet2 . And saw a demonstartion of Ca*NET awhile back. The speed on these networks is mind blowing. You have people talking about 10-30megabits as a lot. But looking at Ca*Net you are talking about 40-100Giga bites a second. If i were the RiAA or whatever organization, I would be freaking out. I heard kids in local colleges are already using those networks to share files. You can download a movie in 20 seconds or less. Thats incredible.
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    Cool beans. When will it be available to us regular folk?

  3. If you are located near an university with CA*NET or internet 2 you could inquire about getting internet service with them.