Has anybody ever heard of Titan Equity Trading

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by viettrader, May 3, 2013.

  1. Has anybody ever heard of Titan Equity Trading, a division of Memo Holdings LTD? Titan is based in Bahamas.

    Thank you
  2. Yes, I have. It is owned by a man who also owned BSI Capital Inc. and BSI Global. Both of which have had their websites taken down and been kicked out of their clearing house. That same person now owns Level2.Edu a trading school that prospects for Memo Holdings/Titan Equity Trading, and also Global Trading Solutions. Titan is based in Belize and you would have no recourse if you sent your money there. All three are part of Memo Holdings Ltd which is out of the Bahamas. Be extremely careful if you choose to trade with unregistered firms like these, particularly those that move your cash offshore. They claim no further involvement and do not return phone calls. They are currently under investigation by the SEC, Finra, the attorney general of New York and of Florida, FBI, and Bahamian Authorities....for fraud, wire fraud, tax evasion, several other counts regarding registration, and marketing/prospecting to US Persons without a license.
  3. See the post about Nonko which is structured very similarly. All these firms are being pursued heavily by the SEC. call the SEC and make sure the firm is able to hold your account and legally collect commissions. Do not listen to the shills on this forum trying to promote their own international firm.

    The Dodd-Frank's new regulatory component heavily burdens prop firms with regulations. As a free-market libertarian type, I can't consciously accept government nannying the industry; However, they will pursue and shut down many firms in the process. Nobody knows who is next. All we know is your $$ is safer in the US than abroad. Too many horror stories over the years here on ET.