Has anybody ever done a surf school/camp?

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  1. I want to learn to surf this summer. After a quick search online I see that costa rica has a bunch of schools/camps offering 7 day packages and what not.

    Just wondering if anybody ever did anything like this..?
  2. I have been surfing for 20 years.

    You will have fun...get tired and maybe get hooked. But your not going to get more than that out of a 7 day school. The learning curve is STEEP. You may get up in a "stink bug" stance and go straight in the white water for a second but as for really surfing...well your gonna need alot of love and discipline to get to a point where a session is more pleasure than pain.

    That being said...if you get hooked. Welcome to the club and stay out of my way KOOK! :D
  3. you ever surf the pipe

    my wave!...my wave!!....MY WAVE!!!! :D
  4. Nope. Those guys are in another realm. Did go to Maui and Kauai, but never Oahu.

    Born and bred eastcoaster. Biggest I can surf effectively is about 8-10 feet. Its enough to get my blood moving. But I really prefer 4-6 feet...its really fun and no stress at all.
  5. bronks


    It's not the pipe. Just pipe... as in: "You ever surf pipe?"
    Get it right!

    And yes I have -- backdoor in the 80's. It scared the shit outta me, even on a smallish day. Actually, one time I was out there the conditions weren't too great. About 2-4 with 6 foot sets and an occasional 8 foot bomb about every 20 minutes and a bit mushy (not much for barrels). We had been out for about an hour and a half. There were only about 6 of us total in the lineup 'cause it sucked so bad. Anyway, Tommy Curren paddles out and sits outside away from everyone. I catch the next wave and start paddling back out... a total of maybe 2 minutes have elapsed since Tommy got out... I see him paddle into the biggest set of the day, get a 6 second tube, kickout in front of me, then paddle back inside. He was done and his hair was completely dry!

    Un freaking believable!
  6. a real "tubesnake" that comes out other end with perfect hair :D
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    Thing about it was nobody was getting more than a split second coverup that day. The guys' talent was off da charts!
  8. Corrected for truth!

    I was surfing turtle cove in MTK about 5 years ago on a crap day. the hobgood brothers and mark occilupo paddle out and blow it up! Cool dudes...but I think occy thought I was trying to stare him down when I was just starstruck. I grew up idolizing that dude.
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    Yes, I stand corrected!

    I think Occy has that short man complex thing going on.
    I always thought that the gap between a top pro surfer and everyone else who rips, is just huge. I've had the privilege of being in the line-up with many of the pros and the stuff they're able to pull off CONSISTENTLY is mind boggling.

    Buttons was my hero (here I go, showing my age again). Unfortunately I've come across him in Waiks not looking to good... ice is eating him up.

  10. Your post just made the reality of how difficult it is sink in even further. Not that I was under any delusion that I'd be competing with kelly slater in a year.

    Sounds like trading.
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