Has anybody built their own computer here?

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  1. I been thinking about building my own to save some money.

    First off.. tell me if what I want is realisitic for the budget:

    - Middle of the line dual core CPU (Don't want to spend 1K for just the CPU)
    - 4 GB RAM
    - 2X 50 - 100 MB 10K RPM Hard drives RAID 0
    - 2X 500 MB 7200 RPM hard drives RAID 1
    - 512 MB video card w/ dual monitor support

    2 19 - 22" monitors

    Nothing fancy either, just a standard case, etc..

    Budget: 3K

    Am I being realistic or am I asking for too much?

    And does anyone have a good resource for like a list of components that I need?

    Thanks :)
  2. Tums


    I have built many computers over the years.

    Building your own does not necessarily mean saving money, but you do get the exact spec you want.
  3. Do you have AIM or something and have some time to talk about it?

    I'd appreciate it :)
  4. skippy


    It's my impression that a 512k video card is overkill, unless you're a gamer. I run two Dell 2405fps (1920 x 1200 resolution) off a dual-DVI output GeForce 6600 with a mere 128K RAM, and without a hitch. The 6600s can be had for about 50-60 bucks a piece.

    If anybody has a different perspective, I'd love to hear it, as I'm about to build one myself...
  5. I'm going to get the BFG Nvidia 8800 w/ 640MB of RAM, it's only $440 so it's not a big deal. Plus I can play games on it if I want, so it gives me that option.
  6. I've built pc's for over 10 years. All I can say is, that system is a complete over kill. Another thing is, don't trade n game on one machine, gaming always likes new drivers, software, which can be unstable and mess up ur trading systems.

    Here's what I recommend.

    Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4Ghz
    2GB Mushkin DDR2 ram
    Nvidia Quadro NVS 440 PCIE Video
    2x seagate barracuda enterprise class 250GB Raid 1
    500GB, external backup drive

    That should cost around 1900 bucks max after taxes, including mainboard/case/powersupply (Get a good power supply!!!) etc.

    as for monitors, call dell and get the 20" LCD's, they got 1600x1200 resolution and if you order a few they usually give steep discounts. That video card can handle 4 monitors
  7. skippy


    Two questions:

    1) Why the Seagates?

    2) Assuming one had the available PCI-e slots on one's motherboard, wouldn't one just as soon pay $100 for two GeForce cards running two monitors each than $500 for one NVidia card running four digital monitors?
  8. 1) Although this is not proven by any professional testing group, I've been using seagate drives for over a decade for my personal computers, and for clients that I built pc's for, and they are very very very reliable.

    2) a NVS440 costs around 400 if you search on pricegrabber. Altho you can settle with 2 other cards, I prefer the added reliability of a 2D card, I've had too many experience where my geforce or radeon getting fried to use it for trading.
  9. skippy


    This is really good to know. I have used the GeForce without incident for over a year. Why is a 2D card more reliable?

    I checked on the NVidia website, and it suggested that the NVS440 might not work properly with all 1920x1200 digital monitors. I have Dell 2405fps (24"). Do you know if it will drive these correctly? Thanks for your input here.
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    Yep, if anything you tend to get the best of everything and that costs... but it's such a damn good feeling :p
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