Has anybody attended "TradersBootCamp"? Any thoughts?

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  1. I think its great that all these self made billionaires are willing to teach nubes how to become wealthy too.
  2. Anybody had experience with them?
  3. I am of the opinion that Mark Cook is the real deal. Went to a seminar where he spoke and no bullshit issued forth. I will never forget his opener. He looked pugnaciously at the audience and demanded loudly "What do you know?" To the stunned silence he answered his own question: "That's right! You don't know nuthin'!" Best trading advice I ever heard. I have talked to people who think LBR walks on water, but never heard her speak.
  4. My idol is Joe Ross, but Linda Raschke is great also, so you can not go wrong with her.

    But if I have to be honest, the best education you can recieve is from the market, trading with real money and recording your trades into a diary. This is the best way to learn trading.

    Your school is the marketplace, your teacher is the market and your book is your trading diary and your powerful and creative mind is the student.

    I alsow strongly recommend you to read john kehoe´s book "Mind power into 21st century"

  5. I agree the best thing is to learn from the market.

    That's exactly what I am doing.

    But I am losing a huge fortune, so I need to improve myself.

    Attending classes and meeting with people are good way to take a break from my losses...

    Any more thoughts?
  6. If this is the case I agree with you, better to see new people, share ideas and expirience.
  7. You should have asked Mark Cook how he manages to be a full time trader when he is so busy selling lessons and doing seminars. You should also ask why he can't pay for a quality website to sell his services.
  8. I am not shilling for him. My one exposure to him was maybe ten years ago. At the time he was an "aw shucks" kinda guy, playing on his ag background. My guess is that he doesn't really give a shit about a fancy website. But of all the people I have heard speak over the years, he impressed me the most. It was actually kind of funny. He was just passing through and got snagged by AfTA. I think he knew he was talking to schmucks like me who probably would choke on the fee to get his indicator, so he kinda talked down to us.
  9. Seen at the entrance to a trading seminar.

    "I'd like to make 5 ES points a day, nothing huge"
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