Has any one heard of David Floyd

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    I was wondering if any has "David Floyd's How I Make A Living Daytrading Stocks" courses and are willing to sell or trade for other courses. I got a big library.
  2. I have his "Dark Side of the Moon" set -- it's helped me a lot over the years.
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    And by the way, which one's Pink.
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    the pink one, of course.
  5. I know of an Uncle Floyd, used to have a real cool show in the NY area.
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    A real trader. maybe more of a salesman now but everything I 've read is a successful trader. probably offers a method that works but no one can do it. It may be the edge sitting right in front of your of face or not. It has the the trading markets bullshit price tag. But who knows it may work for you. I dunno maybe he just recently blewup, what do I know, but he's given his method and they hired him. Personally, I don't believe there aren't any so called edges there are simply people who will win because thier margin is deeper. They look for the move to stallhhh then do the s/r It's reallyno longer the secret that 20 ema I where all trading evolves to either a test or a retrace. You now have an edge take a look at size and stops.
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    buy stocks that follow, but lag, the futures.

    it's obviously more complicated than that, but that's the basic premise.
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    Sign up for his free week of his trial service. See if you can make a living taking his calls. Be very critical of entry since most of the time you are scalping a few cents.

    If you make money let me know and I will sign up under an alias as he is my ex business partner and about the time he started exposing the method on trading markets the traders in our office no longer made money.

    So that method (by the way not developed by Dave) is nowhere near as profitable as it once was but perhaps he has new techniques. Which would be funny since he was always making digs about traders looking for new techniques.

    The bottom line is this is he making money for real and are the traders he is training making money because of his training. I was impressed when he opened a chat room. Now you can find out for yourself. Just be critical and if you are not making money with it be careful.
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    I read dave Floyd's book "How I've Achieved triple-digit returns daytrading ...4 hours a day". I have adapted parts of his method into my trading plan for SPY. I can tell you this, it is far from mechanical. It involves pattern recognition within the context of the pullback in the ES on the 1 minute chart. The method makes sense: Trade continuation patterns/pullbacks within the context of a trending market with tight stops and not giving back your gains.
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    Can you give me the website that has the free trial
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