Has any man here ever noticed that....

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  1. On nearly every commercial about making the smart choice, in the U.S. anyways, the man is always the dummy? This is radio or television. There seems to be no traction in highlighting intelligent men in media. What happened to Father Knows Best? Nowadays, it's more like, Father's a dumbass!
  2. the white male is, anyway
  3. judging by some of the juvenile responses by some on et it might just fit.
  4. Nope, saw a McD commercial and a black male with a jackhammer is doing something stupid until his more sensible wife comes along.

    This is males, period, from what I can tell. It is this just a media bias to target women for shopping is this a cultural signal?
  5. but a black woman has a 'diversity trump' on a black male
  6. It's not just ads. Most sitcoms feature a dad who is either a dumbass, a total wuss or laughably inept. In dramatic shows the hereo white male is typically a crook, a weasel of some sort, often a violent wife or child abuser or a racist homophobe bigot.

    The wost offender is the Law and Order franchise. It's always the rich white guy who is guilty.
  7. Just seems like if one were coming from Mars and watch TV, the male gender is made to look a bit slow.

    Just seems strange, as it was women that threw Hillary, and Sarah, under the bus.

    Is it marketing, or is it the product of a culture war on the horizon. Maybe I am a bit late to the party, as I don't watch much TV until very recently.
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    Women have been portrayed as "dumb broads" for centuries, now they're being portrayed as smart in some commercials and you want to complain? Men still have 90+% of the power positions in politics, finance and yes even the media. Portraying a weaker person as hopelessly stupid in the media is just mean, or what Rush Limbaugh dittoheads think of as humor. It's funnier for normal people to think of the weaker person in a relationship as actually the smarter of the two, so the commercial is more attention grabbing.

    It's not as if no wives were smarter than their husbands IRL. Perhaps the point is that nobody should be made to look a fool in commercials, but the admen aren't about to give up that source of humor.
  9. Easy there big fella, not complaining, just observing. So your vote is obiously for marketing, but there are some radical leftists( since you mentioned dittoheads) that are on record for wanting to destroy the traditional family as it is bad for women. Would you agree with that premise?
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    No, I love the traditional family. But if by "traditional" you mean a stay-at-home mom, that's pretty tough economically for any middle-class family to do, since the '80s, much less today.

    Speaking of commercials, what about the Master Card commercial where the guy wins two cars and surprises his wife, who promptly faints. He came off as pretty smart, and it was still funny. So there's hope yet. :)
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