Has abortion created the ageing demographic

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  1. I was thinking to myself what was the cause of the ageing demographic that will no doubt ruin the economy in the west. I came to the conclusion looking at the abortion and birth rate figures that if abortion was illegal the ageing demographic would not be there.

    In England a third of women have had or will have an abortion and in America forty two percent of women have. If they did not happen there would not be a declining birth rate it would of remained consistent.

    If you look at the figures the conception rate is the same it is the birth rate that has gone down. This can only be due to abortions. I know this will be criticised but I really can't see how it is a simple fact look at the figures and you will see it is pretty much directly related. It is in you opinion true it means it has ruined the economy. Any views.
  2. That's a good point. Additionally, the loss of the ability of citizenry to enslave foreigners has reduced the productivity of the nation. Without slaves the economy has struggled more than it would have otherwise. Clearly if the rate of enslavement was higher, such as if reasonable citizens were enabled to enslave Latinos, productivity would climb.

    Another factor, that I know will be criticized by some, is the granting of women's suffrage. Some may say that this may have increased productivity, but the reality is that this housework had to go somewhere and be fulfilled by someone -- and that can often take valuable productivity away from the key wage earner, and thus hurt the economy.
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    this is an illustration why the left should not be allowed to vote.

    above we see a leftist politicize a thread which may not have been political as much as observational.

    Ironically, we have this websites biggest lefty, extolling the virtues of causes taken up in the past by by conservatives and republicans. They have been the real party of real change.

    Oddly he equated the good done by suffrage with a barbaric act of the killing of babies who are not granted the basic human rights that lefties give animals.

    Since republicans ended slavery, championed women's right to vote, and equally, rights, it should not be surprising to find republicans on the correct side of the baby murder issue.
  4. Abortion has contributed to keeping the Black population down. Since Roe-Wade at least 30 million African-Americans babies have been killed.

    That would be enough votes to elect Al Sharpton for President.

    Of course crime rates especially murder rates have had amazing drops due to abortion.
  5. Guess that makes sense, since it was all your democrat idols which defended slavery, and fought hard against the civil rights act, and the rights of blacks to vote...

    What are the chances Dave actually addresses these facts? Probably not very good...

  6. Congratulations on everyone in this thread who entirely missed the point that moral decisions have nothing to do with potential economic benefits.

    Bonus points if you used the word "lefty."

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    In my opinion, anything that reduces the birth rate anywhere is a good thing.

    60-minutes this Sunday had a report on Melinda Gates and her work in helping Indians to reduce infant mortality in poor villages.

    This makes no sense. The money would be much better spent in providing family planning and birth control.

    Humanity will not survive uncontrolled population growth.
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  9. I'm unsure of your point.

    Younger people spend more money, older people spend less, even with a lower birth spending could remain static.

    Now if you count births as widgets who will provide a revenue stream to support the retiring widgets ala ponzi entitlements (ie, Social security). I'm not sure each widget that is born is going to be productive (making abortion a moot point) to support the increasing age of the population.
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    I tend to agree. And while abortion itself just somehow seems wrong to me. I don't make a big deal of it simply because we don't need any more unwanted mouths to feed.
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