Has a leveraged ETF ever blown-up?

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by crgarcia, May 7, 2009.

  1. Has a leveraged ETF ever blown-up?
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    DCR ?
  3. No , but I know for a fact that you have. Btw, you are a value investor, why do you care about leveraged ETFs?
  4. I don't get the 200% gain/200% loss potential of these ETFs. The fact that they are anything more than a 1 day trade seems to boggle the mind. If you believe in something, just buy it; there is no need to leverage it.

    Getting creative can make you look like a fool.

    I think there should be a product that does a single short of the US Treasury. I don't want to double short it.
  5. then just short TLT ...or buy a half lot of TBT
  6. If you bought FAS in the beginning of March at $1.90 per share and you held it to today at $12 or so, you would've increased your money 6 times. I bought FAS at $5.40/share. I shouldn't have sold it.
  7. The main problem is that you won't get the same or similar results by buying half of TBT.
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    They won't blow up but the volatile ones will become penny stocks, just a matter of time.
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    I always thought that on the first of the year all ETF's should split or reverse split to trade at 40.
  10. what if....then...

    what if...then....

    what if...then...

    whoever discovered this what if...then... screwed up humanity.

    What about IF you have bought FAS last year, then you be losing -78.34%



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