Has 1984 become a reality with Darpa's Total Information Awareness ?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by harrytrader, Jun 19, 2003.

  1. With Government Darpa's Total Information Awareness ALL public, commercial and private informations on EVERY citizen will be collected SYSTEMATICALLY. The governement is even buying databases of private information to firms.

    So the question is : is 1984 becoming a reality ?

    P.S.: the first government who wanted to spy their own citizens was the australian government. They pretexted the Olympic game to do so but that was not strong enough and has been rejected. With 11th september ...

    In Europe they have voted at european parliament the authorisation to spy the citizens whereas that was forbidden before. Since they voted at European parliarment people were even not notified ... that's why they want Europe: they can decide what they want above the nations. That's the same kind of thing they want for US and the whole world: a single world government that can decide alone like in a Communist Centralised World.
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    Absolutely not: Proof is we have year 2003, You can look it up on evrey normal calender. Unless we change counting of years 1984 cannot become reality. 1984 is history by DEFINITION ! (1984 < 2003). Some years, I might even state some DECADES, have passed since 1984 and - belivie me - 1984 is far, far away.

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