Has 11,500 and 1250

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  1. been violated yet?

    Can't wait to hear "new support levels".

    I am about 1% away from turning into a bull.
  2. Not yet, low on the Dow is 11546 which is occuring RIGHT NOW. YM is falling like a rock.
  3. Good, thanks. Wasn't sure if it hit it before before any bounce. Got Bloomberg on now and seeing all these beautiful world index's plummet.
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    yea I think im getting bullish under 11500. I have said this for sometime now, Im actually really surprised to see the dow come down this far, I was looking for DOW 12k by June 2008, came a bit earlier then I thought it would.
  5. Yeah, I really hate myself for closing out my DXD Thursday. I think I left about 4k on the table not holding through the weekend. My luck if I did, there would have been some FED sneak attack biting me in the ass again.

    Fortunetely, I am half in cash right now. No doubt in my mind I will be making a huge intraday trade this week at some point long.
  6. hold on you are all over the place, can you start ANOTHER thread?
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    bid on ES completely disappeared.

    I’ve never seen that before.
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    NQ also now
  9. 11470 0228 et
  10. This is really killing going on here
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