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    I've come across a you tube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxaXMV5XKGA

    Apparently, this guy is also selling a strategy for daytrading stocks within the first 2 hours of the opening bell.

    I am not an experienced day trader but is this what the overall method of daytrading entails?

    If any newbies want to get this system, email me and we can go halves on it.
  2. If you didn't develop the system yourself, after spending hundreds (thousand?) of hours of screen time refining it and learning how the markets move, you won't be able to successfully trade it.

    "Hey, I am a dentist who's extremely successful - I run my own dental business and have hundreds of clients whose teeth I work with. I went to four years of college and another 6 years of medical and dental school, and after paying off those loans for another 12 years, I'm finally beginning to be financially indepdendent with my dental business. But I can sell you the secrets of cleaning teeth for only $249! After you learn my unique gum-cleaning method, plak will no longer be a part of your patients' lives! You can have your own successful dental business like me in no time!"

    I'll bet you wouldn't buy that ad, because you know how much work and time is required to succeed as a dentist.

    Why would trading be any different? It pays more than dentistry...

  3. Brilliant!
  4. Come on nothing pays more than dentistry! :)
    Seriously though how long it takes to learn a trade doesn't have to correlate to how much it pays. My brother was making dentist type money his first year selling real estate with no training. It takes as long to become a master remodeler but the pay usually doesn't match one of a dentists. There are too many examples of traders making serious money with a little training to make a rule it takes years. The many exceptions invalidate the rule.
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    Can I get a 50% discount if I sign up a friend with me ? :D
  6. I don't really think it takes years as a rule for everyone... my experience dictates that in this day and age, it should be a minimum of six months, but that some people will take several years to make it and that those situations are not unusual. My point, moreover, is that people who don't realize what trading requires and how serious of a business adventure is.. well... need some perspective. That a trader can make much more than the dentist with only a fraction of the time commitment, all the while enjoying the process far more, shows that there must be some other major challenges involved, or else everyone would become a trader and succeed...
  7. Hey Z, did you get that course yet, hows it working out? I went over and watched his video on youtube and if it's true it's impressive. I noticed there isn't a video everyday, I wonder if the missing days are losers. Let us know what the course is like and more importantly if your able to make any money using it. It's funny, him having an English accent makes him sound smarter and more legit.
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    hi, r u really a dentist ?
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    Well Said FXtrader, You sure will be a cool trader with that kind of mindset!
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    Haha. Its funny you say that. I'm from North London and the guy in the video (going by his accent) is from East London. People from that part of town are notorious for being less than legit at the best of times.
    Having said that i've watched all his vids and he seems to be doing very well for himself (in the ones he's put up).
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